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Unity3d Jenkins

Today we reactivated our Unity3D build host.

This time it has a linux master node and an OSX slave node.

I am also planning to a windows build host for the windows 8 mobile platform. (But first I have port HappyFly to windows 8.)

Also had some fun to configure the iOS build settings until I got some nice artifacs.

See JENKINS-17457 for more details (and vote for it).

Jenkins plugins used:

Did you know the userContent folder inside Jenkins?

It can be used to host special markup to serve for ad hoc build distribution:

Hope to find some time to post a more detailed blog post about how the build pipeline for Unity3D works in detail.

Hope as well to get the nunit test visible on Jenkins ;)

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Unity3 beta - my first impressions

Finally I found the time to test some of the new features of the upcoming Unity3d.
So far I am very impressed.

My favorite top 3 features are:

  1. Unified Editor
    Picture of Unity3D's unified editor
    One Editor to build for Standalone, Web, iPhone, Android, XBox 360 and PS3
  2. Working Debugger (MonoDevelop)
    Picture of Unity3D's build in Debugger - stepping trough source in MonoDevelop
    What happens on runtime? Yeah: step over the code. Comes with build in "sync MonoDevelop project" button.
  3. Versioning
    I could not test it with my current project. I fear that it's already grown to much to proper set up subversion as VCS afterwards.

If I would have to give a note: it would be 10 out of 10 points so far.

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new video online

I just have uploaded a new video. It show how any window can be used to debug a screen saver on windows.

Hope you enjoy it.

It works with the /p <windowhandle> flag you can pass to a screen saver. To retrieve the window handle needed as value for the /p parameter you can use Spy++ (comes with VisualStudio).

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some videos made with xsi

I don't know if I have mentioned it already, but I have a hidden (tm) section where I hide some video clips rendered with Softimage XSI.
Fluid simulations where done in Realflow.
Can't wait to play with SPH - ICE nodes for fluid systems inside XSI.

Here you find the movies:
Sirup 01
Sirup 02

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smoke with fake light

Having fun with unity3d. Today I build some smoke.
The tutorial I used is easy to follow.

To see this content you need the unity3d browser plugin installed

get Unity3d

it crashes your IE so follow this link if you are brave. (on your own risk)

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XSI XNA pipeline - 12 lines of code

this is a 12 liner in c#:

(left and right clicking not counted)

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sample tree created with T-gen

a simple tree made with T-gen
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more 3d work

Today I done some more 3d Tutorials.
I found a nice Realflow Tutorial, wich I rendered in XSI: www.digitaltutors.com/digital_tutors/video_details.php

the final movie can be downloaded at my site:

(click on the animated gif)
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