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scanning documents with CanoScan N1240U on OSX

Haha, the drivers from Canon did not work on my machine.
After googling I found a nice tutorial how to use sane with my CanoScan.

The needed packages where from Mattias Ellert.

Install the packages in this order:
- libusb
- SANE Backends
- SANE Preference Pane
- TWAIN SANE Interface

on a shell do the following to detect your scanner:
So I had to add these lines at the [usb] section in /usr/local/etc/sane.d/plustek.conf:
[usb] 0x04A9 0x220E
device libusb:004:003-04a9-220e-ff-00

scanning a A4 page on the command line with scanimage:
scanimage -x 210 -y 297 --format tiff > test.tiff
have fun with you scanner...
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wow iphone ssh client iSSH is on swiss store

Just saw that Zinger-Soft's iSSH made it to the swiss iphone appstore.

More details where here.

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